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Boler Bitches Members #001 to #024

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

BB#001 Amanda

"Rusty B" is a 1973, 13 foot, rust and silver boler

BB#002 Victoria & BB#003 Rich

"Pistashia Prairie" is a 1974, 13 foot, mint green boler

BB#004 Florette & BB#123 Rodney

"Daisy Blue" is a 1972, 13 foot, blue and yellow boler

BB Trainee #005 Misha 

& BB Trainee #005.5 Mico

"Petals" is a 2015 wooden boler that belongs to the children of Vic & Rich ( BB'S 002 & 003 )

BB#006 Ian

"Buttercup" is a 1974, 13 foot, yellow and white boler

"Camping Treasures Escapen" is a 2014, 19 foot, white with grey graphics Escape

BB#007 Jon & BB Trainee #007.5 Nathaniel

"Blue Light'n" is a 1978, 13 foot, blue and white boler

BB#008 Andrew & BB#009 Mary-Anne

"Over Easy" is a 1975, 13 foot, harvest gold and white boler

BB#010 Jessica, BB Trainee #010.1 Maddox &

BB Trainee #010.2 Nova

"Egglantine" is a 1977, 13 foot, red boler

BB#011 Heidi

"The Travelbug" is a 1973, green Trillium

BB#012 Darla

"Boler" is a 1975, 13 foot, black and white Neonex, Honey with FJ attitude

BB#013 Leah & BB#014 Chris

"Maurice" is a 1983, 13 foot, green and black boler

BB#015 Sharla

This is a 1972, light metallic brown, boler

BB#016 Krista

This is a 1987, Lil' Bigfoot

BB#017 Cher

"Little Green Pea" is a 1975, 13 foot, grey and white boler

BB#018 Glorie

"Don's Glory" is a 1974, 13 foot, grey and white Triple E Honey

BB#019 Grace

"Retro Rita" is a 1976, 13 foot, teal and white boler

BB#020 Karen

"Ouzel" is a 1976, 13 foot, orange and cream Neonex Honey

BB#021 Donna

"Canadian Gypsy Spirit" is a 2015, 17 foot, white with grey graphics, Escape

BB#022 Dianne & BB#023 Victor

"Bolerita" is a 2010, 17 foot, white Casita Spirit Deluxe

BB#024 Diane

Diane and Jeff have many trailers