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Boler Bitches Members #073 to #095

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

BB#073 Laura

"Lucy Bobber" is a 1978, 17 foot, red and white boler

BB#074 Debra

"Eggbert" is a 1981, 13 foot, white boler

BB#075 Marla & BB#076 Robert

"Young @ Heart" is a 1977,17 foot, cream with green and blue stripes, boler

BB#077 Edie & BB#078 Brad

"Lightning Bug" is a 1975, blue and black Trillium

BB#079 Robyn

"Little Demon"  is a 1973, 13 foot, Black and white, boler

BB#080 Janice

This is a 1979, original cream with blue stripes, boler

BB#081 Lise

This is a 1977, 17 foot, beige with yellow and blue stripes, boler

BB#082 Denise

This is a 1969,13 foot, yellow and white boler

BB#083 Ashley

*unknown information*

BB#084 Lisa

"Money Pit" is a 1972, 13 foot boler

BB#085 Sheila

"OC" is a 1973, 13 foot boler

BB#086 Annie

*unknown information*

BB#087 Kathey

This is a 13 foot, yellow and white boler

BB#088 Faith

"Olive" is a 1971, 13 foot, green and white boler

BB#089 Tracey

"Pearl" is a 1973, 13 foot, off white boler

BB#090 Jennifer

This is a 1972, 13 foot, green (for now) boler

BB#091 Shannon & BB#092 Trevor

"Walter" is a 1978, 17 foot, boler

BB#093 Peggy

This is a 1978, 17 foot, cream with yellow and orange stripes, boler

BB#094 Susan

"Lady" is a 1973, 13 foot boler

BB#095 Jacque

This is a 1972, original avocado and cream boler