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Boler Bitches Members #025 to #050

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

BB#025 Wendy

"Bober" is a 1972, 13 foot, chalkboard painted boler

BB#026 Kaitlyn & BB#027 Lisa

"Sandy" is a 1976, 13 foot, baby blue and white boler

BB#028 Laurisa

This is a Trillium

BB#029 Avaril

This is a 1978, 17 foot, orange boler

BB#030 Sandra

"Trilly Willy" is a 15 foot, beige with blue stripe, Trillium

BB#031 Lisa

"The Boiler" is a 1973, 13 foot, sanded down, green showing, undecided future colour, boler

BB#032 Wendy

1972 white boler            1975 orange and white boler

1982 Trillium                  1982 17 foot, Bigfoot

1985 Bigfoot fifth wheel

BB#033 Dawn

"Betsy" is a 1978, 13 foot, off white with seafoam "tramp stamp", boler

BB#034 Lynne

"Caravanserai" is a 1974, 13 foot boler

BB#035 Lesley

"Little Cracked" is a 1976, 13 foot boler

BB#036 Kimberly

"Pandora" is a 1975 Ventura

BB#037 Mike

"Dinosaur Egg" or "Pull-it Surprise" is a 1973, 13 foot, white boler Glass Fab

BB#038 Katie

"Inner Beauty" is a 13 foot, pink and white boler

BB#039 Jody

This is a 2006, 17 foot white Escape

BB#040 Dave & BB#041 Toni

"No Name" is a 1972, 13 foot, two tone orange, boler

BB#042 Toni & BB#043 Luke

"NZBoler" is a 1978, 13 foot, white boler

BB#044 Pam & BB#045 Dennis

"Orange Creamsicle" is a 1976, 13 foot, two tone orange, boler

BB#046 Lynn & BB#047 Yves

"Little Trill" is a 15 foot, cream Trillium Jubilee

BB#048 Trudy

"Standing Ovation" is a 1976, 13 foot, yellow and white boler

BB#049 Alice & BB#050 DJ

"Bubblebee" is a 1977, 13 foot, yellow and black boler