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Boler Bitches Members #141 to #163

BB#141 Karen & BB#141.5 Mrs. Patmore

"Betty Boler" is a 1974, 13 foot, olive green & white, boler.

BB#142 Sheila

This is a 2005, 17 foot Escape

BB#143 Lori

"Sisu" is a 13 foot, beige with orange stripe, Trillium

BB#144 Sandra

"Casa del Messenger" is a 13 foot, original beige boler

BB#145 Alison

This is a 1976, 13 foot, white & yellow boler with a really cool 1977 AMC Pacer, tow vehicle

BB#146 Sarah

"Sophie" is a 1975, 13 foot, cream boler

BB#147 Cheryl

"Birdie Nest" is a 1980, 17 foot boler

BB#148 Menno & BB#149 Marjolein 

"Free Range" is a 1970 or 71 (?) 13 foot boler that was unloved and lonely, with several coats of paint. She will soon be yellow...

BB#150 Monica

"Olive" is a 1972, 13 foot, grey & white, boler

BB#151 Beth & #152 Jaye 

"The Surf Side" is a 1976 TM14

BB#153 Linda & #154 Karen

"Genie" is a 1973, white, 13 foot boler

BB#155 Elaine

This is a 1968 13 foot boler. Approximately the 10th boler ever made!

BB#156 John & #157 Margeaux

This is a 1972, silver 13 foot boler

BB#158 Renée

"Oeugénie" is a 1987, 13 foot, beige, boler voyageur

BB#159 Brenda-Lynne

Info to come!

BB#160 Amber & BB#161 Dennis

1971, 13 foot boler

BB#162 Stacy

"Sunny" is a 1976, yellow Trillium 

BB#163 G M

"Henry" is a 1977, 13 foot boler