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Boler Bitches Members #117 to #140

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

BB#117 Lynn

"Pepsi" is a 1974, 13 foot, white & green boler.

BB#118 Diane

"The Otter Lady" is a 1985, 13 foot boler.

BB#119 Jenn

"E-boler" (pronounced ebola) is a 1973, 13 foot, white & green boler.

BB#120 Therese

This is a 1980, 17 foot boler, white with blue stripes

BB#121 Kelsey

"Symona" is a 1973, 13 foot, green & white boler.

BB#122 Debbie

"Hot Tamale" is a 1974, 13 foot, grey boler.

BB#124 Rhonda

1974, 13 foot, green & cream boler.

BB#125 Nicole

"Seanic Route" is a 1975, 14 foot, cream Triple E Surfside.

BB#126 Carmen

"The Unbelievable" (former) "Caramel" is a 1977, 13 foot, metallic silver boler

BB#127 Arleigh

"Ember" is a 1974, 13 foot, cream & burnt orange boler.

BB#128 Lisa & BB#138 Kurt

"Gnome Home" is a 1978, 17 foot cream boler with gnomes on it.

BB#129 Jennifer & BB#130 Randy

"Green Pea" is a 1972, 13 foot, green Trillium

BB#131 Kevin, BB#132 Melissa

& BB Trainee #131.5 Haylee

This is a 1972, 13 foot, orange & white boler.

BB#133 Donna

"Lil Dragon" OR "Dragon Wagon" OR "Dragin' my Heart Around" (not yet decided) is a 1970, 13 foot grey boler.

BB#134 Jackie

This is a 1972, 13 foot, robin's egg blue, Trillium

BB#135 Michaelle

"Lola" is a 1974, 13 foot, cream & green boler

BB#136 Valerie

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BB#137 Brenda

"Jukebox" is a mobile DJ service owned and operated by Tim (Brenda's brother)

BB#139 Darlene

This is a 1974, 13 foot, red, white & blue (Montreal Canadiens) boler

BB#140 Gail

"Cherry Blossom" is a 1974, 13 foot, cherry red boler.